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Marry Me

December 3, 2023 - Jenny from the Block and Owen from the Classroom improbably find love with each other in this PG-13 romcom from 2022. The cast also features Sarah Silverman and Grammy-winning Colombian singer Maluma.

Jennifer Lopez basically plays herself as she inhabits a character named Kat Valdez. Valdez is a music superstar who lives her life online. As such, it's only natural that she and her music superstar boyfriend Bastian (Maluma) would have a worldwide hit song called "Marry Me." And, it's only natural that they would perform that song live in front of a worldwide audience and have their wedding ceremony be the encore. Think royal wedding but with singers and backup dancers.

All is going as planned until the middle of the show. That's when Kat and the rest of the world all discover that Bastian is a big cheater. Kat melts down in the most public way possible. She stops the show, gives Bastian the boot, and then, spotting a man in the audience who’s holding a sign that reads "Marry Me," she asks him to marry her.

With all that pressure, how can middle school math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) say no? Once they seal the deal with a kiss, the only question left to answer is just how real this fake marriage will be.

Overall review: ** The star power of Lopez and Wilson outshines an absurd and predictable plot. And, the generally good soundtrack is a bonus. No surprises here, and that's quite alright.

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