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Murder Mystery

April 30, 2022 - This PG-13 made-for-Netflix whodunnit from 2019 plays like a poor man's Murder on the Orient Express. Instead of a train, there's a yacht. But instead of Hercule Poirot, there are Nick Spitz and his wife, Audrey. And they even get some help solving the case as the suspects keep getting killed off. The cast includes Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Luke Evans. Sandler also brings his real-life wife and daughter along for the ride.

Sandler and Aniston play Nick and Audrey Spitz. He's with the NYPD; she's a hairdresser. Nick can't manage to pass the detective's exam, but he lets Audrey believe that he has. And when their 15-year wedding anniversary arrives, he lets her believe that he has finally planned the European vacation he promised her when they got married.

There's a trip alright. It starts with a long airplane ride in coach. While the passengers sleep, Audrey wanders back to first class. That's where she meets Viscount Charles Cavendish (Evans), nephew of multi-billionaire Malcolm Quince. Cavendish invites the Spitzes to join him on Quince's yacht, where the family is gathering. Cavendish makes the invitation out of spite since Quince has just married Cavendish's former girlfriend.

Once on the yacht, Nick and Audrey witness Quince announce that he plans to write a new will and leave everything to his new wife. But, before Quince can put pen to paper, the lights go out. When they come back on, Quince is dead, stabbed through the heart with a dagger. Nick is happy to leave the detective work to Interpol, but when they become the main suspects, Nick and Audrey set out to solve the case themselves.

Overall review: ** Not great, but not terrible, either. Sandler and Aniston work well together, and the supporting cast is also entertaining. The murder mystery itself has just enough surprises to keep you guessing.

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